Meagan Good and Fiance speak on Why they talk about their Celibacy

Meagan Good’s gorgeous fiance DeVon Franklin chatted it up with Oprah Winfrey recently and makes a star-turn on her upcoming episode of “Super Soul Sunday.” Watch a preview inside and also check out what he and Meagan had to say about celibacy. Also, check out Oprah’s interviews of Paris Jackson and 50 Cent.


Oprah Winfrey recently posted a preview of her interview with Meagan Good’s fiance DeVon Franklin where he talked about his faith and how he navigates the entertainment industry.   Oprah said on her Facebook page,

“I met a young man a couple of months ago who’s faith was so strong and Light was so bright, that after less than 7 minutes with him I said we need to do a show together. An unlikely candidate to be a spiritual thought leader, (he’s a Hollywood executive) I was so moved by his passion and commitment to faith while functioning in the lion’s den of entertainment I could hardly wait to do a SUPER SOUL SUNDAY and share his insights, clarity and wisdom with you. He’s in the business of developing movies and talent, but as you will see, is a bona fide dynamo himself… a different kind of spiritual teacher for our times.”

So this Sunday on an all-new “Super Soul Sunday,” watch DeVon Franklin share his advice on achieving success without losing yourself. The Produced by Faith author talks with Oprah about how he balances his Hollywood life with his faith.

MORE………….Meagan Good And Fiance Speak On No Sex Before Marriage: ‘Hopefully Through Our Union People Will Be Inspired

Meagan Good and her fiance Devon Franklin looked super cute together this past weekend as they walked the red carpet of T.D Jakes’ 35th Anniversary Gala in Dallas.  Before the event, the couple caught up with Sister 2 Sister Magazine to chat about their engagement, as well as the reports that they will not be having sex with each other until their wedding night.  Devon expressed that he hopes their union will be an inspiration to other couples, while Meagan said that removing the physical and intimacy from the relationship gave them a chance to really get to know each other and what they were getting into.

Devon: We want our marriage to be one of truth, one of love, and hopefully model God’s love. In reality we’re not perfect. But we are striving to live a life of Christ. We are striving to be an example of what his life looks like on this earth, and hopefully through our union people will be inspired, people will see themselves in us.

Meagan: The relationship is completely different. When you know somebody and you know their heart, it’s not even a question about the physical part of it that comes into play completely later on. You really just get a chance to understand what you’re getting. You don’t just want to be with this person on Friday night, but Saturday afternoon too. That’s just icing on the cake.