BMW Helmet Airflow 2 in Cosmic Blue




A helmet for the hot phases of the motorcycle season. With a modern design of high-quality materials and unique AirFlow functionality. Optimally positioned ventilation openings and ducts, which can be closed if necessary with sliders, let you keep a cool head. Extremely good aerodynamics and aero-acoustic properties. The AirFlow 2 is prepared for installation of the BMW Motorrad communications system and also meets the requirements of ECE-22-02.

  • Premium Jet helmet with highly effective ventilation.
  • Helmet shell (in 3 sizes) in GFRP with carbon reinforcing layers.
  • Insulating EPS inner shell with large number of ventilation ducts.
  • Ventilation-optimized inside equipment, removable and washable.
  • 2 large-area ventilation zones, sliders allow waterproof sealning.
  • Permanent ventilation in neck area (vacuum concept).
  • High-quality aluminum elements on sides with BMW branding
  • Inside, short visor, with scratch-resistant coating on both sides.
  • Tinted visor available as accessory.
  • Chin strap with ratchet lock with variable insertion depth.
  • Integrated neck straps to prevent helmet from twisting.
  • Low helmet weight: approx. 1,150/1,250/1,350 ± 50 g (small/medium/large helmet shell).
  • Extremely good aerodynamics and aero-acoustic properties.
  • Homologated in accordance with ECE 22-05.
  • Prepared for installation of a communications system.
  • Distinguished with the red dot “Best of the Best” Design Award for outstanding design quality.

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