What’s On Our Nails Now: Essie Sleek Sticks




It’s one of our longest relationships, but it looks like we might have to break up with our manicurist. What spurred the sudden split? Essie’s new nail stickers. The brand just released Sleek Stick, a collection of decals, which cost $10.25 per set. The textured nail wrap line features 12 designs inspired by the catwalks of New York and Milan. And we have to say, all of the styles are pretty great. Some of our favorite patterns include “So Haute!”(a bright red with gold studs, left), “Oh My Gold!” (a metallic-and-white geometric combo, right) and “Over the Moon” (a pretty lavender with silver detailing). If you can’t resist anything animal print there are croczebra and cheetah schemes as well. But the best part about the stickers? They last almost two weeks and they’re so easy to apply. All you have to do is clean your nails, press on the sticker and file off the excess paper. Last step? Bask in all of the,”OMG I love your nails!” compliments you’ll receive

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