Azealia Banks Claims ColdPlay’s Manager Put His Hands On Her


Someone may want to get a domestic violence hotline on line 2.

Last night Azealia Banks dropped a bomb on twitter when she claimed that Coldplay’s manager Dave Holmes put his hands on her for the second time.  She tweeted and immediately deleted:

Coldplay’s manager Dave Holmes is a piece of sh-t. Second time he has put his f-cking hands on me.

The unique spin to this story is that Dave Holmes is allegedly Azealia Banks’ manager and lover.  Earlier this year, it was announced that Azealia would be managed by Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter but that relationship fizzled after just a few weeks and Dave Holmes took her on as a client.   According to the reports at the time,  she had been dating the 40-year-old for months and he was playing double duty as her boyfriend and manager.

Azealia is no stranger to dating older men. She once told a publication that she loved dating older guys and that she dated a 57-year-old when she was just 17.

According to her tweets that were posted after she dropped the bombshell, the relationship is definitely personal:

You know how someone lets you down once.. And you give them another chance, and they let you down again?

And you just feel stupid….. Because you knew better?

Ain’t nobody got time for that !

A Jealous Man is a Dangerous man.

The business can be very dangerous for a 21-year-old and even more dangerous when business gets mixed with pleasure.

Hopefully, it works out for her and this doesn’t turn ugly. No one deserves getting beat on.

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