Touring the Breezehouse by Blu Homes



Dwell’s popular Home Tours included a Breezehouse by Blu Homes in Healdsburg as a bonus tour during this spring’s Marin Home Tours. With our annual Prefab issue now out on newsstands, we paid a visit so that online readers could get a closer look and learn more about the prefab home’s innovative design from its owner, designer Jo Cooper, as well as Blu Homes West Coast project manager, Jeff Morter. Enjoy our slideshow, and be sure to sign up for upcoming Dwell Home Tours near you!

Cooper and her husband went in for a saltwater pool, a welcome cooling-off hangout for hot Healdsburg days – though not the only one. The entire home is naturally cool, owing to its Breezeway design concept that connects different modules (in Cooper’s case, three units) via a cross-ventilating walkway space. It’s wide enough to house a large dining table, with room to spare. Though the pool was an extra, Morter notes that a cost-saving benefit of Blu Homes is that all of the custom design work – from finishes to faucets – is free of charge

Source: Dwell

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