More Love Triangle Drama Rihanna Lashes Out On Twitter? And Is A** Out On Twitter…


Rihanna posted this cryptic pic last night of herself laying in what seems to be Chris Brown‘s arms.  And it conveniently came after some harsh words she tweeted nice pics surfaced of Karrueche chillin’ in Paris with Breezy.

Pics and deets inside…

If you’re not over this messy love triangle that is Breezy, Kae & Rih…you may be after today.

So, pics pipped up (tweeted by Karrueche Tran herself and her friends) of Ms. Kae traveling to Paris…where Chris is giving a set of concerts for his Carpe Diem tour.  His last one being tonight.

Yeah, we know she’s his “stylist” and all.  But even after their breakup with Kae being so heartbroken and all?  Hmmm.  Seems like she’s just trying to get in…and stay in…where she fits in.


She posted pics of her and friends posing on the streets of Paris, and she was spotted shopping and leaving Chris’ hotel as well.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

We’re not sure if that last pic of Chris eyeing her ass is new or an old one…but we haven’t seen it before last night.  Hmmm…

So last night, Rihanna, who was performing in Germany for a tv show, posted this harsh message and later deleted it:

‘Examine what you tolerate’, ‘Goodbye muthaf*****’, ‘You give, you get, then you give it the f*** back’ and ‘Claps for the basic b******’.

It’s pretty clear who THAT’S about.  She later posted the very top pic of herself in what seems to be Chris’ arms saying:

‘Damn……. I miss my nigga #thuglife #BFFlife’.


And This

rihannamf rihannamf2

My how quickly things change.  Anywho, Rih ended her night last night by ice skating it up with her girls, after the live show:

Source: Theybf

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