The 3 Coats Every Women Needs in Her Cold-Weather Dressing Arsenal

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending the Mackage Spring runway show in Toronto, Canada. While there, I caught up with designers, Elisa Dahan and Eran Elfassy, and got the scoop on the three coats they believe every women should own.

A puffy coat: City girls, this one is especially for you. A fitted lightweight down jacket that is nipped in at the waist keeps you warm “without looking like a Michelin tire,” advises Eran. Short girls should choose one that is a bomber or car length, while tall girls can pull off long ones.

Adali, $640, Mackage

A wool coat: Dressed up or down, this coat is “an integral part of your outfit, not just an accessory,” says Elisa. Opt for a bright colored one with leather detailing like the kind on the Mackage Boa, which will set you apart from the rest of the wool coat pack.

Boa, $680, Mackage

A leather jacket: This piece is perfect for transitional weather. “It can be layered under a bigger jacket or worn on its own,” says Elisa. The designer also believes there’s no need to be afraid of colored leathers, ladies! “Merlot, for example, is almost a must these days,” she says.

Roe, $680, Mackage

Once you’ve got the three above, also consider purchasing a “transformer coat”: The Shayli, which Elisa wears, is a knee-length wool coat with a removable/reversible sheepskin vest. “Multipurpose coats are my favorite because there are more pieces to play with,” says Elisa.

Shayli, $1350, Mackage

Source: Glamour

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