[DMV] Top Forty Under 40 Prince Georges County Honorees Announced [Full List] FLYCANDY MEDIA Owner Quianne Perrin named among Honorees


The Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund just announced the complete listing of ‘Forty UNDER 40 Prince George’s County 2013’ Honorees. This cohort represents the second class of this recognition. These county residents have made exceptional contributions in arts and humanities, business, education, health and fitness, public service, and science.

The award in the ‘brainchild’ of 15 year Prince George’s County resident Tonia Wellons. Wellons has established a remarkable reputation as one who demonstrates strong internal operations expertise, cross-cutting experience in local and international community-based development. Additionally, she is is a visionary who is unafraid to take calculated risks in order to achieve impact. She was inspired to launch the Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund in her work at World Bank. The Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund works as a catalyst for social impact. Its mission is to build social capital and invest in new approaches to addressing challenges in Prince George’s County. The awards reception is scheduled for January 31, 2013.

Launched September 2011, nominations were widely accepted from individuals and organizations from throughout the region. The partner organizations, including representatives from Forty Under 40 2012, PGCSIF, the Community Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Human Services Coalition of Prince George’s County and the 2012 cohort made the selection.

The honorees were assessed based on character, dedication to given field, risk-taking and innovation, and contributions to Prince George’s County and the broader community. This recognition is meant to offer a ‘hometown’ acknowledgement to the incredible talent that exists in Prince George’s County.

Among the honorees is Washington Life Magazine columnist and D. C. Performing Arts Examiner for Examiner.com Patrick D. McCoy. McCoy has been a resident of Prince George’s County, MD since 2006 and for two years taught music at Hyattsville’s Rosa L. Parks Elementary School.

FLYCANDY Is proud to acknowledge Quianne Perrin Director and Founder of FLYCANDY Media as a 2013 Honoree. Congratulations!


FULL 2013 Honoree  LIST


Brittany H. Anderson, 24 Temple Hills Public Service
Angela M. Angel, 32 Hyattsville Public Service
Lindsey Baker, 28 Laurel Arts and Humanities
Dr. Anthony P. Barnes, 31 Fairmount Heights Education
Erek L. Barron, 38 Mitchellville Public Service
Calista R. Black, 38 Laurel Business
Tyronda Boone, 34 Fort Washington Arts and Humanities
Shayla S. Boyd-Gill, 38 Bowie Business
Joel A. Braithwaite, Esq., 34 Bowie Public Service
Kisha Brown, 34 College Park Public Service
Valiesha Brown, 27 Hyattsville Public Service
Jean-Paul J. Cadet, 38 Hyattsville Education
Kawan Cohen-Hopkins, 33 Hyattsville Public Service
Brunson Cooper, 39 Bowie Business
Darnessia Harvey, 38 Clinton Public Service
Mel  Franklin, 37 Upper Marlboro Public Service
Kandace L. Foreman, 36 Fort Washington Public Service
Courtney Foster, 36 Upper Marlboro Public Service
Maya C. Garrett, 33 Mitchellville Public Service
Traviss Green, 35 Bowie Education
LaQuinta Harkless, 22 Upper Marlboro Public Service
Dana-Marie Harris Lanham Public Service
Bashea Jenkins, 37 Upper Marlboro Education
Kendell Renee Kelly, Esq., 33 Oxen Hill Public Service
Joseph L. Kitchen, Jr., 26 Cheverly Public Service
Patrick D. McCoy, 35 Hyattsville Arts & Humanities
Ron McDonald Jr., 37 Landover Health & Fitness
Shakir A. McDonald, 33 Landover Education
Jamal I. Miller,39 District Heights Public Service
Marcus J. Moore, 31 Hyattsville Arts & Humanities
Trevor Otts, 39 Oxen Hill Business
Quianne Perrin, 34 Upper Marlboro Arts & Humanities
Scott L. Peterson, 36 Cheverly Public Service
Crystal Prater, 35 Upper Marlboro Arts & Humanities
Chelsea Reynolds, 31 Laurel Arts & Humanities
Christian A. Rhodes, 29 Camp Springs Public Service
Lauren Schreiber, 25 Greenbelt Arts & Humanities
Desmond Serrette, 29 Oxen Hill Public Service
Dr. Douglas L. Sims, Jr., 38 Owings Health
Rashida M. Weathers, 39 Upper Marlboro Science & Engineering


To learn more about the Forty UNDER 40 Award, kindly click here . Additional information about the Honorees will be coming soon. If you are interested in learning more about PGCSIF or sponsoring the Awards Reception, kindly contact us at fortyunderforty@innovateprincegeorges.org


Source- Washington Examiner

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