Solange Knowles Strikes Against Donald Trump’s Attack On The President (DETAILS)



Solange Knowles went off on Twitter yesterday after media hound Donald Trump accused the President of using Hurricane Sandy to “buy” his re-election yesterday on Twitter.

STORY: He Ain’t Thinking About You Son! Trump Extends Deadline For $5 Million Offer To Obama 

Before the billionaire real estate mogul used Sandy to attack the President, he tweeted that he extended his deadline for Obama to turn in his school and passport records in order to receive a $5 million charity donation. Later on he added that Sandy is “good luck” for Obama, because it will allow him “buy” the election with federal handouts.

That’s when style icon Solange Knowles struck back against Trump’s crude remark, calling him “insensitive” and telling him to take “a seat.”

The fashion forward icon then also tweeted:

That’s right, Solange, you tell him! Trump is getting on everybody’s last nerve with his outlandish, attention-seeking gimmicks. As Solange said, it’s time for him to take a seat!
Source: Globalgrind

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