Guess Who This Super Yacht Belongs Or Belonged To


The legacy of Steve Jobs is a powerful one, having brought Apple from a wooden computer to the most innovative and popular smartphone, MP3 player, & tablet company in the world.  Apparently, the Apple genius’ legacy extends beyond circuit boards as he planned a yacht before his passing that has been completed by Dutch yacht designer Feadship.

Feadship didn’t want to leave Laurene Jobs with the task of finishing the boat and in Steve’s honor completed the Venus, an 80 meter superyacht that features design byPhilippe Starck.  The minimalist designer helped complete his vision with a clean interior fitted with seven 27” iMacs.

The streamlined superyacht also puts to use a teak wood deck with floor-to-ceiling windows in the cabin. On October 27th, Feadship presented the Venus to the Jobs family in Aalsmeer, Netherlands to much fanfare.  Take a look at photos and video from the unveiling of the Venus below.


Source: StupidDope


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