Stacey Dash Ripped By Vivica Fox For Romney Endorsement


Another day, another dose of shade for Stacey Dash…

Ever since Stacey decided to publicly announce her support for presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Twitter, she’s been ripped to shreds, especially from the black community. The backlash was immediate with even a few celebs like Talib Kweli to Samuel L. Jackson tweeting their reactions.   ‘Wait, did Stacey Dash Really endorse Romney today?! REALLY????! Is she CRA………..??!’, tweeted Samuel L. Jackson who recently starred in an ad campaign for President Obama.

The Grio recently caught up with fellow actress Vivica A. Fox and when she was asked what her reaction was to Stacey’s Mitt Romney support as well as if she thought the backlash was fair, she calmly ripped her for taking a photo in a ‘Baywatch’ swimsuit as a way to show her support. She said:

I didn’t know that she was a Republican. I will start there. Second, I didn’t know why she had to do a photo shoot in a Baywatch red swimsuit with the boobs and the whole flag behind her. And she doesn’t have a job or something to promote right now. I just didn’t get it. So, to each his own and she’s entitled to her opinion but it was just surprising that first she was a Republican and that she did it the way she did. Most politicians when you support them you try to support them with class. You don’t need to do a swimsuit shoot so that’s just my take on it.

Kimora Lee Simmons was also asked for her input recently, and she responded:

“I feel like she just done it for press, cause, really, no one really knows her.’


A few weeks back, when Stacey sat down with Pier Morgan, she said she really didn’t understand why she was receiving so much backlash.

I really don’t understand the fury. I don’t get it. I am shocked. Saddened and shocked but you can’t expect everyone to agree with you.

I don’t feel offended, I just feel that as a country, this is my choice. It is my right as an American citizen. It’s my constitutional right to have my choice of who I want to vote for for President and I chose him, not by the color of his skin but the content of his character.


Source: Necolebitchie

One comment on “Stacey Dash Ripped By Vivica Fox For Romney Endorsement

  1. She’s right, she has the right to vote for who she wants without all the backlash. People need to respect where stands politically. I respect her honesty.

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