[Video] Drake Hits The Stage At Howard University Yardfest

Drake snatched up his high school diploma this week and he may be ready to take his higher education a step further by enrolling in college.   Yesterday, during Howard University’s Yardfest, the students were in for a huge surprise when Drake hit the stage  during 2Chainz set for ‘No Lie’ before blessing them with his verse on the track, ‘Pop That’ followed by ‘HYFR (Hell Yeah F-cking Right)’ and ‘The Motto’.  After he was done, he told the students while pointing at his Howard U Sweatshirt:

You know about two minutes ago, I made the decision…

For the last four months I went back to high school and I graduated high school, so you see what my campaign is about this year cause I went straight to the bookstore. I’m trying to come to school with y’all. I wanna know if you accept.

Drake almost caused a riot with his surprise appearance but it definitely made for a Yardfest to remember.

Peep the video:

Source: Necolebitchie

One comment on “[Video] Drake Hits The Stage At Howard University Yardfest

  1. Was all the profanity necessary at a institute of highler learning or shall I say a HBCU?? WOW!!! I know the ancestors are rolling in theor graves…What a shame!!!

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