10 Bada** Jack-O’-Lanterns Courtesy Of L.A.’s Coolest Cats!


Nony Tochterman, Owner and Designer at Petro Zillia

Inspiration: “Sequins and glitz.”
Materials: “Sequins, glue gun, and a stapler.”

Anh Do, Music Impresaria at IAMSOUND

Inspiration: “The Bob Marley documentary,Marley. That’s a joint in his mouth!”

Materials: “Dirt, succulents, and water.”



Artist Name: Doris Raymond, The Way We Wore

Inspiration: “Designers we love.”

Materials: “A dremel drill and a knife.”

Method: “Drilling fashion labels.”

Time Taken: “Four hours total.”

Photographed by Hailley Howard



Geren Lockhart, Fashion Entrepreneur 

Inspiration: “’70s String Art.”

Materials: “Brass nails, neon and melange thread, and lots of colored tape.”



Jen Weinberg, West Coast Editor at Glamourmagazine

Inspiration: “Nail art mania!”

Materials: “Tempera paint, NCLA nail decals, Forever21 jewelry, Krazy Glue, and an X-Act


Method: “I outlined my hand to make a stencil and then painted hands all around the pumpkin, which took three coats of Tempera paint. Then, I took NCLA nail decals and cut them with an X-Acto knife to fit each nail, adhering them to the pumpkin hands. I gussied her up with jewelry by taking earrings and pushing them into the hands like tacks for the rings. As for the bracelets, I cut and affixed them with Krazy Glue. Voila!”

Time Taken: “Three hours.”



Langley Fox, Freelance Illustrator and Designer

Inspiration: “Skull and flowers.”

Materials: “Ball-point pen and fake flowers.”

Method: “I drew the skull first, intending to fully illustrate the skull and flowers. But, I noticed my fake-flower collection and thought that it would be even more fun to add those!”

Time Taken: “It took me about about ten hours to draw the skull. Adding the flowers took about an hour because I went through a few different color combinations!”

Photographed by Hailley Howard


Joey Tierney, Fashion Stylist and Designer

Inspiration: “Alexander McQueen’s fall ready-to-wear runway-finale look.”

Materials: “Feathers, black enamel spray paint, sequins, straight pins, power mesh, and rhinestone embellishments.”

Method: “After applying the spray paint, I used the straight pins to attach the feathers. I continued using the straight pins to cover the ends of the feathers with 

Alia Penner, Artist

Inspiration: “My tarot cards.”

Materials: “Acrylic paint and a paint brush.”

Method: “I drew the stars on first with marker,

Kristen Lee and Brady Cunningham,TENOVERSIX

Inspiration: “Peter Gabriel’s video for ‘Sledgehammer.'”

Materials: “Grapes, cucumbers, blueberries, apples, soybeans, nori, wilted parsley, a gherkin, tangerines, a banana, and raspberries from our

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