[FOR HIM] The Guide To Gutsy Suit Patterns 




Who wore it then
• Cary Grant, Sean Connery
Who wears it now
• Tom Brady, André 3000, Jay-Z
What you need to know
• Often called Prince of Wales thanks to the Duke of Windsor’s affinity for it, glen plaid is the most iconic of all suiting patterns and the first one you should invest in. Especially if you’re a virgin when it comes to suits that aren’t solid.
How to pull it off
• A slightly shorter jacket not only looks more youthful, it’s more functional, allowing you to, say, ride a bike. Feel free to pair the jacket with jeans and don’t be scared to layer in a colorful sweater when it gets chilly. Just don’t get caught wearing glen plaid with a white shirt and a red bow tie (unless a dude named Pee-wee happens to be your style icon).

Sports jacket, $1,100, by Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers. Shirt by Brooks Brothers. Tie by Gap. Sweater by J.Press Shaggy Dog. Pocket square from Kaufman’s Army & Navy.



Who wore it then
• Alabama coach Paul “Bear” Bryant
Who wears it now
• Mark Ronson
What you need to know
• It gets its name from the teethlike checks.
How to pull it off
• The cool guys wearing it aren’t fossils buried in dusty tailor shops; they’re young bucks sporting it with a spread collar, beat-up denim, and monkstrap shoes.

Sports jacket, $695, by Gant Rugger. Shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren. Tie by Alexander Olch. Pocket square by Tom Ford.


Who wore it then
• Clark Gable
Who wears it now
• LeBron James, Lapo Elkann
What you need to know
• Just a few years ago, windowpane was hideously out of style—and that’s exactly why it feels so damn fresh right now.
How to pull it off
• Balance the exploded plaid with small-scale patterns in your shirt and tie.

Sports jacket, $2,400, by Miller’s Oath. Shirt by Michael Bastian. Tie by Band of Outsiders. Pocket square by Sid Mashburn.

Source: Visit GQ To GEt All The Looks

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