Cirrus Ice Ball Press Kit


The key to serving a perfect cocktail on the rocks is to chill the spirits without diluting their distinctive flavors and aromas. This kit makes it simple to form a uniform sphere of ice that melts slowly and evenly – and creates an impressive display. Professional bartenders recommend spherical ice cubes for chilling everything from premium whiskey to mixed drinks.

Press produces one perfectly formed ice sphere at a time.

First, fill the included cups with water and place it in the freezer to form an ice block. Then place the frozen block into the press to transform it into a sphere in about a minute.

Easy-to-use press requires no physical effort on your part.

Small press makes 2″ diameter ice sphere; large press makes 2 3/4″ diameter ice sphere.

Stainless-steel tongs allow you to neatly and easily remove the ice sphere to place it in a glass.

Large press features an actuator to help lift out the ice sphere.

Heavy-duty anodized aluminum construction ensures commercial-grade performance.

Large Press: 5 1/2″ diam., 7 1/2″ high; 16 lb.

Made in the USA.


Source: Cirrus

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