The Man Behind Rihanna’s Career



He’s one of Pop’s most elusive but powerful men, steering the ship that isRihanna‘s career.

However, for all his success with the Island belle, Jay Brown oft finds himself criticized for allegedly pushing the star to launch new LPs every year, leading to the premature demise of many of the singer’s eras.

Now, as part of her tell spread with ‘Vogue’ magazine, he has explained the logic behind the strategy.

His explanation below…


In the spread, he shared:

“If you have a new iPhone every year, why can’t we give them new content? But I don’t think she’s thinking of it like that. She’s thinking, ’I love to make music. I want to keep going.”

Makes sense.

The only problem with this theory is when it comes at the expense of a successful project or potential #1 singles, like the one below:




Also, while we ‘get’ Brown’s ‘iPhone’ comparison, it is worth noting that unlikeRihanna, Apple’s software (or skills) improve with time, thus giving giving consumers something truly new. Not, the same product in altered packaging.

Either way, whichever way you look at it, Brown’s handling of Rihanna‘s career has been impeccable to say the least.

We just wish his genius was afforded to an act with a little more potential.

 Your thoughts?

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