In Miami, Kim Goes Commando And Kanye Does Some More Wild $*!t


Kanye West and girlfriend Kim Kardashian were spotted in Miami yesterday where Kim’s skirt left very little to the imagination and Kanye lashed out at a camerawoman.  See the bottom-baring pics inside…..


Kim Kardashian was spotted arriving to an early dinner at Prime 112 in Miami with boyfriend Kanye West yesterday.

As she checked her reflection, folks could see right through Kim’s sheer skirt.  And it looks like she went commando, knowing her skirt was totally sheer and cameras follow her every move.  Classy.

The couple went in and dined together….shortly before some drama popped off.

As the couple was leaving Prime 112, they apparently bumped into Reggie Bush who were dining across the way. Hmm….we wonder if they made small talk.

After the surprise encounter, Kanye got pissy when a camerawoman asked him if he congratulated Reggie on his girlfriend’s pregnancy.

Kanye then pushed her camera away to prevent her from filming him.  We guess talking about Kim’s ex-boyfriend is a sore subject.  Ha!


Source: THeybf


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