Pants On Fire! Mitt Romney’s Fact Check From Last Weeks Debate



Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is tapping himself on the back today while Ann Romney fans him with 100 bills as he was, in many people’s estimation, the clear-cut winner in last night’s first Presidential debate against Barack Obama.

STORY: Round One! Obama & Romney Go Head-To-Head During First Presidential Debate 

While doing laps in his pool, Romney has to realize that he fed the American people nothing but lies, right?

Either way, a win is a win and as a businessman at heart, Romney knows he closed the deal last night, at least in round one of the debates.

What Romney isn’t counting on is that everyone will fact check his assertions – catching the many lies he told last night.

What Romney did was truly masterful; he completely and convincingly denied many points of his campaign he’s been touting for the last year. Romney lied and deceived to win and close the deal.

It’s all good Mr. Romney, you won this round, but we’re here to pull out all of your lies.


Romney said:

“The President said he’d cut the deficit in half. Unfortunately, he doubled it.”

The truth is, the deficit was projected to be $1.2 trillion when Obama took office in 2009, it ultimately turned out to be $1.4 trillion.

Today, according to Congressional Budget Office data, the deficit is expected to be $1.1 trillion for fiscal year 2012.

So Obama lowered the deficit. Point Obama.


“The idea of cutting $716 billion from Medicare to be able to balance the additional cost of Obamacare is, in my opinion, a mistake.”

Here Romney is jumping ahead, considering that the effects of Obamacare have yet to be determined because the law has yet to be implemented. He’s crunching numbers before the law has even been put in place.


“You never balance the budget by raising taxes.”

Here Mitt just didn’t do his research, because President Bill Clinton managed to balance the budget by implementing a tax boost for those in the top 2 percent of earners. Duke professor William Chafe.


“My plan is not to put in place any tax cut that will add to the deficit.”

Romney definitely didn’t crunch the numbers when it came to his plan. Romney’s tax plan would cost the country $4.8 trillion over the next 10 years, according to Tax Policy Center data cited by NBC News.


“I like the way we did it [health care] in Massachusetts…What were some differences? We didn’t raise taxes.”

Here Romney does a slight of hand like all great magicians. In Massachusetts, Romney raised fees, so in a way he can say, “I didn’t increase taxes” because the federal government funded many of his reforms.
Source: Globalgrind

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