Gay Kappa Wedding Causes Homophobic Reaction In Black Community Or Not?

Married couple Robert Brown and Nathanael Gay, a member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity caused plenty of controversy this week after posting a video from their wedding online. They say love has no boundaries so what’s the big fuss?

Check out the wedding below:

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THE KAPPA ALPHA PSI gay-wedding video causing a stir online isn’t a Kappa Alpha Psi gay wedding after all.

On Thursday, one of the grooms called into the “Tom Joyner Morning Show” to say that there was absolutely no affiliation to the predominantly black Greek organization headquartered on North Broad Street. Nathanael Gay, yes, that’s really his name, is a member of the venerable fraternity founded in 1911, but his husband, whose name wasn’t mentioned, is not.

“I was really calling today to clear the air.” said Gay, an electrical engineer based in New York City. “There was no affiliation to Kappa whatsoever at my wedding. Not at my wedding at all. This was not a Kappa wedding. My husband’s not a Kappa. He’s not Greek. Our colors weren’t based off the Kappa colors, like most of the articles mentioned. The only affiliation to Kappa was my sands [line brothers] being there in support.”

Gay said some of the confusion came from his use of the wedding colors of red and white. The colors crimson and cream typically are associated with the Kappas.

“It was absolutely a red and white wedding. My husband loves the colors red and white. In a nutshell, you know the color red and white is kind of a symbol of love. It has nothing to do with Kappa Alpha Psi whatsoever. My husband’s not Greek. He has no intention of being Greek,” Gay added. “There was a lot of controvery online about us using those colors. If anyone’s really done their research on Kappa, Kappa’s colors aren’t red and white. They are crimson and cream.

“If you see the colors, it’s absolutely not a crimson and cream wedding. My husband and I both were wearing white tuxedos.”

He’s been getting lots of negative pushback from people, accusing him of disgracing the fraternity by bringing Kappa into their wedding.

“To me, you know, we’re in 2012. And it’s a different day and age. Me and my husband are both very successful men,” he said. “It’s just that in this day and age, that the rest of society has not caught up to our lifestyle and the decisions that we make in life. You know we go to work. . . . We work our 9 to 5 like the next man. We pay our taxes like the next man. We just look to get the same amount of respect as any individual in this world. We are not looking to be second-class citizens in America.”

When challenged about whether it was wise to put his wedding video on YouTube, Gay said: “We had no malice intentions by putting our video on YouTube. We put our video on YouTube for our friends and family. . . . We shared our link with people that we thought were close to us.”

Gay raised the speculation that the video’s coming to the attention of the media may have been the work of a rival fraternity.

“I have no other choice but to believe that it came from another Greek organization,” he said on air. “You know, they took a great day – it was probably the happiest day of our life – and they threw it out to the media and put a huge spin on it so it would be very controversial. . . . It became a disgrace or, as others looked at it, as demeaning my fraternity.”

Tom Joyner, a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity, made sure to point out, “I can tell you right now, it wasn’t the Ques.”

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Howard Gensler, Daily News Tattle Columnist
Philadelphia Daily News

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