You Know We Had To Post This….2 Chainz & Babygirl



How cute are Daddy-Daughter moments!

Rapper 2 Chainz gave an extra dose of adorableness last night when he hit up the red carpet of the BET Awards at Atlanta’s Civic Center with his daughter, Heaven. Throughout the show, he was also spotted sitting front row, while getting some love and kisses from the charming 4 year old.

Earlier this year, he gushed to Billboard:

[Heaven is] very intelligent and when she sees me on TV she sings, ‘Ride around and getting it,’ and does her own ad-libs. It’s just fun, man.

2 Chainz daughter is also featured on his album. Her voice can be heard on the intro and outro of a song titled, ‘YUCK’ where she says ‘Yuck Daddy’ [because the song is nasty].

Check out the pics:

Too cute!


Source: nicolebitchie

One comment on “You Know We Had To Post This….2 Chainz & Babygirl

  1. whats up im loving all yo musics that lil dance you be doing in yo videos so damn fye we love u 2 chainz im one of your biggest fans im giving yo much love and support just keep doing yo thang

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