Bauknecht Round Washing Machine By Arman Emami


Taking the next leap in design of washing machines Whirlpool has collaborated with designer Arman Emami to come up with the prototype version of Bauknecht washing machine made in Berlin and Stuttgart. Breaking the barriers of the classic box shaped washing machine design the two toned form and function of Bauknecht washing machine frees it from unit corners and edges thereby giving it a very clean squeaky look that perfectly matches the contemporary modern home design. The flowing rounded shape of this washing machine design compliments the round drum and the rotation of washing machines making it a machine with organic curves and one that is space saver too.

Arman has very tactfully reduced all the design objects without removing the key elements and the minimalistic design features a tinted glass front with push-to-open mechanism. To make the washing machine more presentable in looks and functionality there are minimalistic controls. In the end main consideration of the designer was to make it eye-catchy and one that fits inside any home design no matter where you put it, whether in the bathroom or a spacious kitchen.


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