Evelyn Is At It Again

Evelyn Lozada is officially back at work.  And by work, we mean doing photoshoots.  Check out flicks from the set of her first sexy shoot since her domestic violence & divorce debacle inside…

Rocking a golden skirt custom made for her by Jason Sky, Evelyn was back in the photoshoot saddle yesterday in Atlanta.  She tweeted about shooting with PETA, but it’s not clear if all the pics from her full photoshoot day were for the animal right’s org.

She rocked scenes in a white hot and red hot swimsuit inside and outside the pool, and she shot with photographerDrexina Nelson.

We may still be side eyeing her whole PR journey of a convenient anti-violence campaign, but chick still looks hot.

She used her own Evelyn makeup for the shoot.

She posted about her return saying, “I was so happy to FINALLY get back to work after taking a hiatus that seemed like FOREVER!”

Looking good Ev.

 Source: theybf

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