Digital Antics (38 Pictures)


Digi Antics

“What do you think is the future for fashion and digital?” says interviewer who thrusts mic in my face, expecting a portent prophecy from me, the supposed “fashion in digital” oracle.  I never have a satisfactory answer for the poor souls that ask me this wretched question.  In any case, I’d rather not know.  Instead of constantly looking forward, trying to see what seemingly clever technology we can foist on to the fashion space, with sometimes meaningless results, I’d rather concentrate on solidifying what we have, looking at how the internet and technology has enhanced our experience of fashion and at the ways it is becoming a much more integrated experience with our own reality – the physical experience that still counts for so much within fashion.  Therefore, I’ve picked out a few instances spotted during the past few weeks where “digital” isn’t shoved in a stowed away box, cornered off into an intangible space.  Instead, we have technology and physical reality coming together in ways that actually communicate something meaningful to the consumer or the reader.


Y-3’s S/S 13 Show Space – When they used to have their shows in the Park Armoury in New York, Y-3 used to be known for massive productions that have included anything from lasers to Zinedine Zidane taking a penalty kick.  For their 10 year anniversary show, artist Dev Harlan created a video 3-D projection on a pyramid panelled wall that was the backdrop for the entire catwalk.   In person, it was a mesmerising sight, as the coloured triangles lit up in sync with the music and often with the clothes as the colour palette and print themes played out on the walls in a fluid and streamlined movement.  Hopefully that was communicated to viewers watching the live stream.  This was a technology-driven set design that was really effective from a viewer’s perspective and really enhanced Yohji Yamamoto’s design vision.








Source: Stylebubble 

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