Versace + Versus = Some Cool Pieces


The Donatella and Me project is in full gear now with the Versace (combined with Versus) taking place tomorrow night and hopefully there’ll be a tete-a-tete between myself and Donatella too.  Versace’s new e-commerce store is now live too and in the spirit of my incessant analysing of e-stores, I thought I’d give it the once over.  The design treatment is definitely brilliant and undeniably stemming from Donatella’s vision.  The usability is pretty seamless with images coming up as big as you’d want them, clear indications of product categories and enough information about the products.  The range of product, whilst isn’t vast is representative of the A/W 12-3 collection for both mens and womens with the added bonus of being able to buy your little tots some Versace duds if you’re that kind of a parent.  I’m personally well into the homeware section with a Versace plate set high up on my imaginary wedding list (I’m not gonna lie.  There are two reasons why I’m remotely interested in marriage: a) the dress b) all the home-y bits and bobs that I can never be bothered to buy).  There are some options to personalise your shopping experience by narrowing down the categories and shopping by occasion as well as Donatella herself picking out an edit.  These are the sort of e-commerce standards that we’ve come to expect from many the big multi-brand shops like Net-A-Porter or but sadly escape monobrand e-commerce, which like I said before often run into clunky design ruts or difficult usability issues.  Versace’s new site (and perhaps that’s why it’s taken them THIS long to launch their e-commerce) fortunately escapes both.



It’s also good to see that a fair lot of Versace prints are available for your eye’s consumption.  Still rather obsessed with the A/W 12-3 mens “flora-flage” as termed by Alex Fury of LOVE magazine.


So what did Donatella pick out for me?  She must have been telepathically reading my mind over how much I missed dungaree clips and doing them up because lo and behold, a gingham flirty dress with leather straps and pleasingly shiny Versace medusa buttons came along with a pair of the A/W 12-3 velvet boots with crucifix jet black embellishment.  I’m thus transformed into a weird alter ego of mine that walks with “sass”, whatever that means.  This much skin on show would normally freak me out were it not for the presence of the chunky leather dungaree straps criss-crossing over my back, marking me with a giant X as if to say, “Donatella Woz Here”.







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