See Frank Ocean Perform On SNL



Frank Ocean pulled off a perfect set up.

Last night, he served an alley-oop when he performed ‘Thinking About You’ and his new single, ‘Pyramids’ with John Mayer on Saturday Night Live, but the slam dunk came afterward when he released his new video for the lengthy ‘Channel Orange’ track ‘Pyramids’ via his tumblr page.

The video, directed by Nabil, features Frank shooting up a bar before hopping on a motorcycle and taking a ride through the desert (looking pretty damn dapper in a suit). He finally arrives at The Pyramids and inside Frank finds strippers. [‘She’s working at the Pyramids tonight’.] There’s also a chilling appearance/guitar solo by John Mayer.

You gotta love that the song and the visual leaves room for various interpretations ( Click here for one of the better interpretations by Left Side Poets). There’s something about the video that is a small reminder of the book ‘The Alchemist’ (although the Shepherd was looking for his treasure at the Pyramids versus strippers).

If you don’t like nudity, this video is definitely not for you.

Watch the ‘Pyramids’ video, plus Frank perform the song on SNL below:

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