World’s Largest QR Code [Guess What It’s Made Of]


Most QR codes are little things that are attached to ads or show up in the corner of TV commercials. A farm in Alberta, Canada, has made one that covers 309,570 square feet.

The Kraay Family Farm took a little departure from its usual corn maze themes. Recent years have had homages to Rick Hansen’s Man in Motion tour and Alberta tourism. This year, it’s a massive QR code that leads back to the farm’s Web site.

The fully functioning QR code was just recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest. The farm is planning a big bash on September 15 to celebrate.

Really daring nerds can take part in nighttime flashlight explorations of the geeky corn maze. If getting lost in a giant QR code isn’t your thing, you can still go and party out with pig races, pumpkin cannons, and a dinosaur-infested mini golf course.

Source: Cnet

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