Michelle Obama Teaches Dr. Oz To Dougie

Michelle Obama is making the rounds on the talk show circuit this week, a tour that wouldn’t be replete without a reprise of her now-famous Dougie dance.

During a recent visit to “The Dr. Oz Show,” set to air on September 12, the First Lady dishes on what she does with her own kids for exercise, a regimen that she says includes cranking up the radio and hitting her Dougie.

The show’s host, Mehmet Oz, says he’s “honored” that she has chosen to be a guest on his show, according to the Associated Press, an honor that came along with a lesson in how to do the dance.

In July, FLOTUS declined requests to Dougie during a visit to an Ohio community center, claiming she didn’t know how, but it looks like she’s been brushing up!

On Wednesday’s episode, Mrs. O also shares how she really feels about the President’s diet on the Campaign Trail; plays lunch lady to three kid taste-testers, unveiling the new improvements to the federal guidelines for school lunches taking effect this school year; and exclusively discusses two new issues to her Let’s Move! campaign.

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Source: Hufingtonpost

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